GCN Privacy Policy

Protection of personal privacy and freedom of expression are the foundation of our network. Global Communications Network, LLC. is committed to providing the best online experience within a secure environment. We have taken numerous steps to ensure the privacy of our users and strive to provide you with the most complete and protective privacy policy available.

GCN established the following guarantees to ensure your protection when using the service.

GCN Promises:

1. To never use, disclose, or collect personal information from its users.

2. To never force you to submit any personally identifiable information; including but not limited to your real name, e-mail address, location, age, phone number, billing or contact information.

3. To never give its staff the ability to intercept private communications, or determine your occupancy of private chat rooms.  Our staff will never tell you how to run your own room.

4. To never contain "spy-ware" of any kind in our software!  Nor will we ever bundle GCN with other "spy-ware" programs.  Unlike other popular networks, GCN WILL NOT SPY ON YOU!

5. To never intrude upon your personal on-line experience with annoying "pop-up" advertising or unsolicited e-mail.  GCN is supported and kept free by one rotating banner advertisement.

Global Communications Network, LLC. encourages parents to take an active roll in their children’s on-line experience and to help educate them on the safe use of the Internet. We believe that there is no substitute for good parents when it comes to ensuring the safety of their children.

Advertising: GCN is supported by revenue generated from a single rotating banner ad. We subscribe to banner ad services that offer a variety of goods and services. When available, we select ads we feel will interest our users. By clicking an ad, you will be re-directed to websites and advertising that are beyond the control of GCN. You maybe exposed to other banner or pop-up ads while visiting these sites. By clicking these ads, users help to support GCN. This will insure that GCN will remain a free network. We encourage users to review their web-browser privacy settings.

Newsletters: GCN provides a monthly newsletter to help keep users informed. It is delivered via e-mail and requires that subscribers "opt-in" and provide us with a valid address. Remember, this service is completely optional and addresses will not be shared with anyone for any reason.

Web Mail: GCN currently provides a web based e-mail service through Everyone.net. Anyone can obtain a free GCN e-mail account by registering at http://mail.gcn.cx/. We encourage new web-mail users to read the privacy policy of Everyone.net before providing any "real" personal information. You may read their policy at http://www.everyone.net/main/html/p_policy.html. Users must agree to the policies of Everyone.net to use the web-mail service.

Global Communications Network, LLC. offers Internet users one of the most protective privacy policies available. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please e-mail us at: contact@gcn.cx. Thank you for choosing Global Communications Network!


Jason K. Resch
Manager & Programmer
Global Communications Network, LLC.